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Taipei Tuba Link:  TubaBass

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Past Conferences and Festivals
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2005 Tuba Concerto Concert Taiwan

Masters Recital in Bangkok, March 2008

2009 Thailand Brass Festival

 Thailand Brass & Percussion Conference  at Mahidohl University 2009 

2009 TubaMania
in BKK

            TubaMania International                                 
           new & used tuba sales, international events for tuba/ brass   

                            Phone/ SMS Text: 041 6135854 or +61 41 6135854 
                                                                                 Facebook Click Here   

for InstrumenT/ Tuba SALES inc St Petersburg inc case landed $4,000 plus tax
   and lots of Used Tubas in Stock,Scroll down past Festival information

    International Festival in Bangkok 
              24-25-26March,  Click Here for Program Details:

See/ Listen to video link online here (youtube) of XL's Last Trip to BKK  at Final '08 TubaMania Festival Party Click Here!

                                                                       TUBA SALES NEW AND USED:

  3 x EEb Tubas and CC, F now in Stock in Sydney Click Here

GOOD  PIANO Made in Japan FOR SALE in SYD $3,500 (AUD) Cick here for Pics and Info

NEW ST PETERSBURG TUBAS IN STOCK in Australia,selected by Steve Rosse in Europe
      USD $ 4,000 inc Hard Case and landed freight anywhere in Australia/ SE Asia plus tax
Ideal for schools, amateurs, students,or those needing a stopgap while saving for the highend

    "*better than any other brand under $10,000"  : *the general collective consensus at MIFB


New Melton, B&S,  Mirafone, Rudolf Meinl Willson Click Left
               The Highest German/ Swiss Quality selected at Factory by SteveRosse

          New Composiitons for Tuba/ Brass by Australian/ International Composers Click Here
                                 Inc Sound Samples and Purchace Informatio

1999 TubaMania Conference     1995 TubaMania Conference


  *** Study with Steve Rosse ****
(inc. Sydney Conservatorium Applications Click Here)
************************************************************         *New Australian / International Music for Tuba
           *Steve Rosse Tuba Soloist/ Master Teacher
  *Sydney Symphony/ *Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Upcoming Concerts at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Sydney Conservatoirum  of Music Home Page

Live Sydney Symphony WebStream Broadcasts Online  :
 Mahler 6, Dutoit: Alpine Symphony (and more), Sydney Symphony


Favorite Brass Link:
2009 MIFB Barry Tuckwell Prize Competition Entries:
Raphael Rosse's Wilby Entry
Sydney Star Tuba Quartet Entry
Tubas of Mass Destruction Entry on YouTube
Vew All Entries inc Adam Frey  Click Here

Pasaa Thai, for Thain Language, See Khun Manit's Page here:


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